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In regard to the end TB strategy in the post-2015 eraFor the risk of TB in the cancer population, the highest risk was crude incidence of 892 and 489 per 100,000 person-years in patients with respiratory tract cancer and hematological malignancy, respectively, which are traditionally known TB-susceptible populationsIn addition to the occurrence rate, mortality, either directly or indirectly by TB during the infection, is another important issue considered in the prevention strategy. [0.76–0.90]) (Table Among patients with TB after diagnosis of cancer, mortality directly due to TB was defined in 166 patients (0.83%) by matching national cause-of-death data.

Correspondence and requests for reprints should be addressed to Suzanne Verver, M.Sc., Ph.D., KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, P.O. were involved in designing the study and prepared the manuscript.

The risk of tuberculosis in cancer patients is greatest in lymphoma and myelodysplastic syndrome/myeloproliferative neoplasm: a large population-based cohort study.

& Martin, A.

and Dr. Liao K.M.

All study subjects were followed up until the onset of new TB infection, death, or the end date of the study, December 31, 2015.

With medulloblastoma particularly, widespread late primary, cerebral and spinal metastases can develop, with continued responsiveness to repeated courses of radiotherapy. There were 626 (3.14%), 375 (1.88%), and 1001 (5.03%) patients with TB recurrence during 3~12, 12~24, and 3~24 months, respectively, after completing treatment for TB. Second, we did not use age- and sex-matched controls but instead compared the results with national average TB data. The statistical significance was set at a p-value < 0.05.During 2000–2015, we reviewed 1,274,536 patients with malignancy, and of them, we finally analyzed 1,105,009 patients after excluding those with multiple cancers (n = 89,315), those with a TB infection prior to cancer diagnosis (n = 55,251), and those without correct information of cancer (n = 24,961) (Fig.

The recurrence rate has been rarely reported before and in the present study is higher than the 2-year recurrence rate of 1.38% in the general population who does not have diabetesThere are several limitations in the present study.

According to the assumption of the Poisson distribution, the standardized incidence ratio (SIR) of TB was estimated using the comparison between the observed incidence in study subjects and expected TB incidence the general population in 2011 (representative year during the study period).

Box 146, 2501 CC The Hague, The Netherlands. Proportion of new diagnosed tuberculosis between patients with malignancy and general population.The crude incidences of TB, calculated by TB event divided by the follow-up period, were highest in those with respiratory tract cancer (892 per 100,000 person-years) and then in those with hematological malignancy (489 per 100,000 person-years).

Patients were followed up until their first bacteriologically confirmed recurrent episode, or until the end of the study period (December 2001). It indicates the importance of this population in future TB control, especially for those with malignancy of respiratory tract, and hematology as well as head and neck area.Tuberculosis (TB) remains the most common infectious disease worldwide and leads to high mortalityAmong the high-risk TB population, patients diagnosed with malignancy need to be targeted because their population is still growingThe Health and Welfare Data Science Center (HWDC) set an integrated database to provide complete information about the Taiwanese National Health Insurance (NHI) reimbursement datasets, Taiwan Cancer Registry (TCR), and death registration for Taiwan population.

Recurrence and reinfection rates are underestimates because we could not determine mortality or emigration (World Health Organization definitions were used to determine treatment outcome (The calculation of recurrence rates, confirmed reinfection rates, and likely reinfection rates is described in the online supplement.

Patients with a history of TB before or within 3 months after the date of cancer registration were excluded from this study.

Furthermore, because case detection is passive, microcommunities with undiagnosed disease may be missed.

This site uses cookies. The overall TB incident number decreased yearly since 2006 under the national strategy of “Stop TB” and treatment with “direct observation therapy”, but the TB number from patients with malignancy remained constant (Fig.

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