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I wonder if that would help.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castSpreading information and countering misinformation about antidepressants.Press J to jump to the feed. I theorized that the Mirtazapine was actually making it harder for my body to deal with the sleep apnea, but that's speculative.

It came to the conclusion that Mirtazapine both worked sooner, had a lower turnover rate due to side effects (less reported side effects). However, mirtazapine’s sedative effects are greater in the lower dose range (15 mg and below), which may not treat depression. Anecdotes. Although it does make me happier, the truth is it is better known for its off-label use which is to make you fall asleep immediately. I really think SSRI's are pushed more often than bc of big pharmaceutical company kick backs and marketing. The majority of antidepressants therefore, work to suppress REM sleep, and normalize these sleep parameters. Anecdotes. Pros and cons.Press J to jump to the feed.

Always look into the drugs your Dr. recommends to make sure it is something you want to try, but while exploring all possibilities refrain from letting other's experience's hinder your experience's potential - don't expect specific side-effects because often you will convince yourself you are having them.

It's known to paradoxically be better for sleep at lower doses since it's not hitting norepinephrine as much.Mirtazapine_Remeron antidepressant and sleep aid.

Mirtazapine is actually one of the better antidepressants in AFOAF's opinion because it's really effective in treating depression and AFOAF hasn't heard of any real complaints about it having any significant side effects.AFOAF's been taking Mirtazapine 45mg. I didn’t think it was worth it as it usually takes months to work.

However, mirtazapine’s sedative effects are greater in the lower dose range (15 mg and below), which may not treat depression.

15mg wasn't really doing it for me for sleep, so I've been taking 7.5 instead and my sleep is much better.

This, in turn, reduces the amount of time spent in the stages of slow-wave sleep, impacting negatively on sleep quality. So far I've found that while the drug maybe causes slight fogginess, it's still so much better than being chronically sleep deprived that there is really no comparison.I have been taking between 3.75mg and 15mg for sleep for the past year.

I always find it enjoyable/intriguing to read other peoples personal experiences on the same medication that I am on. I got prescribed 15mg as a sleep aid and my doctor encouraged me to take 7.5mg if I felt that 15mg was too much.

This is obviously just my opinion but I'm now on two medications that were around before SSRI's and are still widely used and more effective imho.

Although serotonergic antidepressants can cause RLS, bupropion appears to treat it, according to a Finally, there is an FDA-approved treatment for RLS that can treat depression as well: pramipexole. It isn’t for everyone unfortunately, I wish it was that easy... Can you go up in lower dosages and take them for longer than normal before upping again?

Quetiapine is not just sedating. Tricyclic antidepressants, MAOIs, and SSRIs are all shown to strongly suppress REM sleep (retrospective review) [38, 39]. It's almost as if you could realistically take on anyone in an eating contest and ask for more Lol...Thankfully I've found that 300mg of wellbutrin has done an amazing job of counteracting that appetite side effect. But that's just me of course.

I have been a very good sleep all my life, probably sleeping too much, and often napping.

I personally am just kind-of afraid of SSRI's and I had very, very scary side effects with the few SSRI's I have tried. Mirtazapine and trazodone are two antidepressants that help patients fall asleep and improve their sleep architecture.

Low Appetite/Anorexia Nervosa Associated with Depression . Withdrawals are tied up in starting 20mg citalopram, so hard to say what is what, but my anxiety has increased slightly, appetite is gone, and sleep quality is not quite as good. I don't know exactly how often, and I can't provide a time-line for each time I increased my dosage, but over the last 3 years I slowly went up and up every time I felt like I needed to and I am now at 30mg. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Learn from their experiences about effectiveness, side effects and cost. I'm bored so I am going to write out my experience/s with Mirtazapine over the last 3 years for anyone looking into Mirtazapine.I began taking Mirtazapine at 7.5mg every night @ bedtime in August 2016, I believe. I really can't think of any other explanation to why SSRI's to be suggested over another medication that has shown to be both more effective, work sooner, and have less side effects (other than increased apetite in some cases)What's your dose?

SSRIs may also improve sleep apnea through direct effects on smooth muscle in the upper airway. Low Appetite/Anorexia Nervosa Associated with Depression .

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