pain after kidney stone removal and stent acticin


I am a very active person and find it hard to deal with this. Renal colic or abdominal pain after kidney stone removal and stent can be managed with adequate fluid intake, analgesics along with anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infection. The stent is generally well tolerated by patients.The possible reasons behind discomfort and pain after kidney stone removal and stent placement are:Signs and symptoms after kidney stone removal and stent also depend upon the duration for which the stent is allowed to be present inside the kidneys.When the patient urinates, he/ she may feel slight tugging or stretching in the back especially at the end of urination.Renal colic or abdominal pain after kidney stone removal and stent can be managed with adequate fluid intake, analgesics along with anti-inflammatory and antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infection.Since all stents are prone to degradation effects, especially if the urine is acidic, the ideal duration to remove or replace the stent is 2-4 months.Pain, abdominal discomfort and urinary troubles after kidney tone removal and stent can be reduced or avoided by following simple home remedies:There are plenty of ways mentioned above to enhance the process of recovery and reduce the amount of discomfort and pain after kidney stone removal and stent.Dr. ... For many patients with a kidney stone stent, pain is a problem. He specializes in the treatment of kidney stones with both surgery and dietary prevention and the in the treatment of kidney and prostate cancer using the latest robotic surgical approaches. The doctor numbs the urethra with a topical anesthetic suspended in a fluid. 2 nights, 1 surgery, and one stent later, I was sent home.

I am so upset because I was led to believe that once the stent was removed all I would have was a little soreness, maybe some blood in my urine and some burning. I had no pain or discomfort. I even took pain meds before the procedure. He finally ordered stuff to control the pain (since that’s what I was friggin’ there for!) He is the founder of the website.I was so glad to find this site.

This pain is usually mild and self-limited. Kidney stones is the most commonly encountered clinical conditions.

I have had virtually no pain throughout these procedures, though the stent was very uncomfortable. They keep telling me to drink water, but to pee is AGONY, with burning and horrible spasiming of my privates and bladder.
Any recommendations to help me.I had kidney stone removed by laser on Monday 13th May and stent inserted. I only felt a slight pressure as the nurse grasped the string and started pulling, then it was out.

I went to the E.R. Ended up in the ER, and had another CT scan which showed a punctate stone in the mid right ureter. Anyone experience similar?I am SO glad I found this site! My urologist said there was nothing on file at the drug manufacturer about this and so was skeptical but has seen me enough now (17 stones and counting) to believe me. You usually are able to go home on the same day.The doctor might place a stent in your ureter to help urine drain from your kidney into your bladder. She was in so much pain and got an infection 2 days after surgery and she was admitted to the hospital. I followed the helpful advice on this website and took one Alleve (220 mg) about 30 minutes before. About 50% of stones between 5-10 mm size pass following conservative.After kidney stone removal, a soft and thin tube-like stent with J-shaped endings is placed extending from the kidney to your urinary bladder. I am against taking opioids for personal reasons. After speaking to several patients with similar procedures, these are definitely false statistics. The first stent they put in was a nightmare and they replaced in a week later. It's noninvasive, which means no cuts are made in your During this procedure, you lie on a table.

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