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Could I be pregnant even after 3 negative hpt?My period is two days due and my body pains ä lot with head ache I am experiencing clear discharge…i m expecting for my ?I have had my tubes tied.

Massive production of discharge is consistent throughout pregnancy.Perhaps the strangest time to discover clear watery discharge is during your periods. !Hi, I have been ttc for sometime now and learnt about BBT and ways to improve fertility etc. Though, the bright, watery odorless discharge is no reason to panic.

And just incase, when is the best date for me to try home test? I had severe cramps in the center of my stomach and it would spread out a little to each side. This month I am 6 days late. (After 7 days, if period is missed)Hi Doc. No odor. A clear watery odorless discharge carries the most diverse indicators in the monthly cycle.

As the egg separates from the follicle, there may be a bit of spotting which could be what you are seeing.Changing or starting your hormonal contraception may also cause a little spotting.

Checked cervix it seems low, hard, and closed. The reproductive system is a complex system, more so in the female body. I had Gastric bypass in 2016 and my periods started coming back normally. Did you already know that the vagina is a self-cleaning organ? Our bodies are continually going through changes. And I got my period a week after it. Just blame it on your cranked up estrogen.The white grey or yellowish discharge with a fishy smell is not at all good. "2 day period jan. Usually, the fews days after your period is known as the dry days. When you experience this release, it is for several reasons. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her lady parts produce discharge for lubrication. It is characterized by a white grey fishy discharge and a burning sensation during intercourse and urination. But is not stopping my period.I was recently on the depo shot and it’s been 4 months since my last shot.

Could I be pregnant?The last time i had unprotected s*x was last month and i took a morning after pill. Thick creamy vaginal discharge. Insist on having protected sex, especially if you have more than one partner.Bacterial Vaginitis is treated with a prescription. My tubes are tied so im good. But my period started late Saturday evening and needed a sanitary towel. However, you should take a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant.Yes.

It started maybe 5 months ago and no pain but I have had intestinal stomach problems (I thought just needed to stay away from milk and bread)My last period was on mothersday may 13.

So I ran for home pregnancy test twice but both the result were clear negative I have not experienced any of prego sign either,yet.

Is it because im irregular?My third month of ttc. If you experience discharge after sex, it is likely a combination of your arousal discharge plus sperm.Pregnancy can also cause clear watery discharge. 3 weeks later had a lot of cramping , and fatigue, headaches , breakouts, and sore breats ,On jan. 25th and days before that my discharge was white and stretchy, oderless through jan 27th, – feb. 04th my doscharge has been yolk white, clear super stretchy and oderless, and I’m irregular, took 11 ovulation test they have all been postive , now pregnancy test, they come out negative but on. All you need to do is visit your gynecologist for a swab test. Since i am 1 day late with clear discharge that i never had before am i pregnant, and when should i test again to see if i get a positive? Some of the abnormal causes areVaginal discharge due to yeast infection is common in women with a weak immune system, HIV infection. Now it is February 2018 and have not had a regular period since end of February 2017. However, Clear discharge is normal in women. Or could it be caused by something else? Usually I am 10 days. Although science has been at a loss to reveal the cause of this disease, it has determined that it is sexually transmitted.If you happen to contract Bacterial Vaginosis without having sexual contact, the infection may be attributed to douching.

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